The Wedding Day

Getting married can be costly and stressful, with seemingly hundreds of things that need to be planned to ensure a memorable ceremony and reception.

The Wedding Dress

While the groom may well be occupied with finding a bespoke suit, one of the concerns for the bride is finding the perfect wedding dress. In fact for many women, it's the most important part of getting married, and it's easy to spend £1,000 or more on the perfect dress. Most brides will also tell you that their hair and make up has to look as good as possible, and of course the dress must also match the outfits worn by the bridesmaids and other wedding party members. Most grooms are almost as preoccupied with what they wear, and it's a unique opportunity to buy some new clothes, perhaps a bespoke suit. A new wedding dress and suit doesn't need to break your wedding budget, and it's perfectly acceptable to wear something second hand or even opt for the more casual look. A groom is also responsible for choosing his groomsmen and of course, making sure he has a best man.

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Venue and Guest List

Of course, one of the most important things is choosing the right venue and it's essential to book somewhere popular as far ahead as possible. Again, there are no firm rules when it comes to the right venue and it's acceptable to get married in somewhere other than a church. Venues for getting married in the UK include art galleries, castles and stately homes, and a variety of outdoor locations. However, you should also give some though to the practicalities, including a location that is convenient for everyone, somewhere that is the right size, but not larger than you need, and somewhere with access for older or disabled guests if applicable. It's easy for couples to argue over the guest list, and it's one area where a compromise may be needed, although immediate family and close friends should take priority. Other things that will need organizing include the flowers, a wedding photographer, catering, music and transportation.

What To Expect On Your Wedding Day

For the couple, everything often seems to pass in a blur, although if you have planned everything and checked things at the last minute, there's no reason why you shouldn't relax and enjoy your day. The wedding day basically consists of arriving at the venue, welcoming guests and then the actual ceremony itself, which can vary in length. If you are tying the knot, you also have to decide whether you want a religious ceremony or a civil ceremony; most couples getting married today choose not to have a religious ceremony. After the actual ceremony, it's customary and practical to allow some time for guests to mingle, gifts and cards to be accepted and photographs to be taken before the reception begins. And as far as the wedding reception is concerned, again it is entirely up to you when it comes to its theme, location and how late it lasts.